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First week of school has been a success so far. I’m always impressed by these two and the positivity of new things. #wordpress

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Solar Eclipse 2017

So on a whim and a prayer, the nieds decided to get onboard with seeing this once in a lifetime (my lifetime) event and packed up to head to Columbia, MO. Finding ourselves quite lucky, we were able to score a hotel in the path of totality, so we took this opportunity to get there.

Adelyn and I on the shuttle over to Cosmo Park

Claire and Andrea on the shuttle bus over to Cosmo Park.

A panoramic photo of the surrounding area.  It was a complete sunset around our viewing spot.  It was really cool to see.

My attempt at a shot during “Totality”.  Yeah – I didnt capture it.

Just walking the old see wee.

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Babes chillin Ocean side

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