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Watch out world, here I come!

Well it’s been a while since our last post. We are getting prepared to leave town and wanted to post what just started happening with Adelyn. Watch out world she is finally walking. Well when we are back in town we will have some more posts. So family members you need not have to knock Adelyn down while we are away. We witnessed it, thank goodness I caught it on tape.

Houston, We have a Smile.

Well Adelyn is starting to smile. Which I am finding to be the hardest thing to catch on film. This is the first attempt while playing on her mat.

Out for a hike

The weather has really cooled down around here lately and we decided to go for a walk. Doing things on a spur of the moment don’t really happen anymore but we made it out none the less.

Our little alligator

Well everything is going well on the home front so far. Adelyn enjoy’s her evenings and loves to stay up late. Not sure how long thats going to last. We have found a new trick to get her to sleep and it’s one that is favorable for me. I start playing my guitar and she is out. I am not sure if she is just bored by my guitar playing but it works.

I love this series and it shows quiet well what happens if I stop playing. I am running out of songs here…

Addy’s New Swing

To celebrate Addy’s three week plus one day birthday and to bring to life our last shred of hope for a few hours of sleep at night, Derek went out and bought her the new “Cadillac” of swings. It swings frontwards, backwards, sideways, in an arc, and upside-down. If this thing doesn’t work, we give up! JK 🙂

Here’s a sample of how it’s working. It’s too early for us to uncross our fingers just yet, but we’ll see.

I couldn’t resist adding this picture either. Look at those lips! I just want to eat ’em up.

Derek also caught some pictures with Addy’s eyes open. What a goof ball.

I also forgot to mention Derek couldn’t resist picking up Adelyn’s first jersey. She is ready for Sunday football.